To All Dear Customers:

Leather is a natural material. Cuts, scratches, insect damage and growing marks are natural, and these will lead to limitations in the production. And our factory is using the best part of the cow skin, the butt, in production and the stability is the best.

Natural Leather always have the following problems: (of course, our production will remain stable and high quality.)

For Round Leather String
  • There will be at least 6-7 joins per roll. String sizes over 4.0mm or less than 1.0mm will not be very smooth or round, diameter tolerance is about +/- 0.2mm, etc. Especially the thicker leather cord, as the thickness of the leather is limited and there is not too much production space for processing and rounding, diameter will be less than 5mm. And the thicker leather will be harder than the thinner leather.
For Round Braided Leather String
  • In addition to the issues above and below, the bolo string is braided by using 4-12 leather stripes, it will be lose or tight and with a bigger tolerances than the round leather cord. Size control is difficult. (E.g. 4mm Bolo Leather String diameter size varies at 3.6mm -4.4mm)
For All Natural Colour of leather cord

-       Kindly be awared that a big variations of colours & sizes may be occurred due to different production time . (especially for natural colour since it is an original colour of cow skin)

  • In addition to the issues above or below, these colours are hard to control & duplicate. So the colour difference will be more than 30%, maximum degree of similarities less than 70%. Moreover, for this antique appearance, it will not be a solid colour, and the colour fastness is no good. Of course, we will try to match the colours according to the original samples. But the final delivery still have the aberration in colour.
  • In addition to the problems above or below, the metallic paint were used, the string may not pass the heavy metal LEAD test.
  • Colour variation between each production lot happens; because of different skin tissue absorb colour pigments at different rate.
  • Always have a diameter tolerance.
  • Knotting a leather string may create cracks, it is not a quality problem, but it is the nature of the leather itself. Thinner leather cord will be more obvious. Also the tension will be weaker with thinner leather string.
  • As leather is a natural material, different parts of the hide have different texture. So even in the same roll of leather cord, there will be a little bit of size difference. The better the skin tissue, the better the tension.

In this case, your company will consider ordering more than your usage volume to cover the loss. It is our responsibility to tell you the truth and please understand this is the nature of cow leather.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.